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IMG_7550For those who want to experience scuba diving for the first time, and for those who want to take advantage of the opportunity to dive in the Caribbean waters of Ambergris Caye while on vacation, but don’t have enough time to complete a full course, this is the perfect option for you.

In this Discover Scuba Course, you will first receive basic instruction, and then you will master basic concepts and scuba skills, all while experiencing a vibrant shallow water dive, surrounded by Caribbean marine life.

Where can I go from here?
After this experience you may decide to upgrade and continue on with either the:                                                                       Scuba Diver Certification   or    Open Water Diver Certification.

Which Ambergris Divers trips can I now do?
Or you may decide to do a bit more diving, some of our trips are available which fit to your newly acquired experience. 

Hol Chan Shark Ray Combo

Barrier Reef  Local

Island Secrets Day Trip.

*A Discover Scuba does not earn a certification, though you will receive a certificate of participation, and we will also log your DSD experience in the PADI database for record purposes. Subsequent dives are allowed for a period of 2 weeks, after which the DSD permit expires. If you would like to dive with another Dive Center or Instructor, you will need to repeat the complete DSD format with them.  Discover Scuba logged skills and dive may also credit towards certification provided you enroll with Ambergris Divers (same dive center that performed the DSD) within a period of 6months.
All required study material and dive gear rentals are provided with this DSD Course. Drinking water and fresh fruits are also included.   
Book here > and email us with your travel dates,

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Valid from now to Apr 15/19
Book here > and email us with your travel dates,
Schedule: 8:30am or 1:30m Duration: 2.5-3 hrs.
Included: study material, dive gear rental, Inst. fees, online experience registration. Tax is included.
Price: $165 per person +$10 park fee
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