Caribbean Sea Marine Life

With the second largest barrier reef in the world, Belize is home to the most fascinating creatures of the sea, all of which illustrate every color imaginable. See below a list of the more interesting inhabitants of the Caribbean, and become familiar with the friends you will meet on your diving and snorkeling trips with Ambergris Divers.

Queen Angelfish

The queen angelfish is without a doubt the most beautiful of the angelfish species. Young queens resemble a juvenile blue angelfish. But as they grow, they acquire their spectacular blue and yellow markings, with rainbow colors on the edges of their fins. The queen angelfish is a grazer, feeding on algae, sponges, and coral.

Spotted Drum

The Spotted Drum is a small fish, typically between 6 and 9 inches, that are found on the coral reefs of Belize.  It is frequently observed during the day under ledges or near the opening of small caves, at depths between 3 and 30 meters, where it swims in repetitive patterns. A nocturnal feeder, it ...

Spotted Eagle Ray

The spotted eagle ray is nothing short of cool, with its sleek body and artful polka dots.  Feeding on molluscs and crustaceans, eagle rays crush shells with their flattened teeth; they are excellent swimmers and are able to breach the water up to several meters above the surface. Compared with other rays, they have long ...

Spotted Moray Eel

One of the most popular sites while diving in Belize, the moray eel is one of the largest eel species. They are efficient predators feeding mainly on fish. Moray eels have razor sharp teeth and are capable of inflicting a painful bite. Larger species can remove the fingers of careless divers. In spite of this ...


Squirrelfish are brightly colored, medium-sized fish that are active mostly at night. Squirrel fish live in in Belize along the barrier reef and coral formations. Their most distinguishing characteristics are their large eyes and their ability to make clicking and grunting sounds by vibrating their swim bladders to ward off intruders.

Strawberry Grouper

No other fish in the Caribbean Sea has the beautiful pink color of the Strawberry Grouper.  Also known as the Sea Bass, the strawberry grouper is mostly spotted on dives of the outer reef slopes and walls.  They tend to hunt near the bottom and usually at dusk.  They eat by sucking into their mouths and then ...

Tube Sponge

The tube sponge is one of the most common varieties of sponge to be found on the reef. It is distinguished by its long tube-shaped growths, and ranges in color from purple to blue, grey, and grey-green. Filtered water is ejected through the large openings on the ends.

Vase Sponge

When you dive and see a vase sponge, you will certainly be impressed.  Luckily, the vase sponge is a common species found in Belize and is characterized by a large bell shape with a deep central cavity. This sponge grows up to 2 feet wide and 3 feet high. It has a magnificent range in ...

Grey Angelfish

This wise looking beauty is common in Belize as it feeds on algae and sponges.  The grey angelfish changes color as it grows from nearly black juveniles with vertical yellow stripes into the grey and white fish it becomes as an adult.

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