Ambergris Divers is affiliated with Subaquatic Safety Services of Belize to offer a state-of-the-art Hyperbaric Recompression Chamber.

Dive Accidents are extremely rare, however the need to have these safety services readily available, 24/7, year round is a safety standard for Ambergris Divers.  Thus, your $1 per tank fee affords our stand by operational expenses.

Why is this Recompression chamber important? What does this affiliation do for you?
With your dollar-a-dive, you are guaranteed immediate treatment in case of emergency without mandatory prepayment for treatment.  If you do not have adequate insurance that covers dive accident emergency treatments, you could be faced with a costly treatment bill.  Your affiliation contribution will entitle you to a substantial discounted rate, which you may arrange after treatment.
To promote Safe Diving, Ambergris Divers requires this affiliation fee for our dive customers in the absence of Diver Insurance.  However, those with Diver Insurance may also join forces in promoting readily available treatment services by contributing at their discretion.

Recompression chamber.

Recompression chamber