Ambergris Divers Boat - Boss Lady
“Boss Lady”
Ambergris Diver's Boat - "Axel"
Ambergris Divers Boat - "Ms. Aminta"
“Ms. Aminta”
Ambergris Diver's Boat - "Just Us"
“Just Us”
Snorkeling with Ambergris Divers
“Baby Catherine”
Ambergris Divers Boat - "Mrs. Ermelinda"
“Mrs. Ermelinda”

For your full comfort!

Ambergris Divers prides in customizing its equipment and vessels to the elements of the services it offers. Our fleet of diving boats provides comfort and safety in getting around our Caribbean waters and ease of movement on your diving and snorkeling adventures. Our care for detail is what sets us apart. 

Ambergris Divers takes safety as a priority with all vessels outfitted with the necessary amenities including communication equipment, life vests, oxygen, and comprehensive first aid gear.  All of our vessels are duly registered and licensed by the Belize Port Authority, registered and specified within our tour operators license issued by the Belize Tourism Board, as well as registered with the Hol Chan Marine Reserve, which guarantees our customers that the strictest requirements have been met for your convenience and safety.

We pride ourselves on the comfort our diving boats provide. We ensure that you arrive at your diving location safely and in a timely fashion. Safety is a major concern and we do our best to have all safety equipment on baord.