Ambergris Divers stocks a full line of rental equipment, carefully selected brands to offer our guests optimum comfort.  Our in-house crew is also specifically trained to service the brands we use.  In fact, to maintain our high standard reputation, we only do in-house rentals, and also restock our rental line every other year, to keep you comfortable and safe.

Our line includes:

CRESSI BCD   Rental Price: $10

The Ambergris Divers smart rental option, this CRESSI BCD features an amalgamation of features traditionally reserved for high end ranges. Rugged. Dependable. And totally comfort enhanced with integrated weight system, sleek fit design, deep side pockets, loops and rings to personalise your carrying accessories – for total comfort for one day or multi-days.

CRESSI Regulators  Rental Price: $10

The importance of dependability and ease of underwater breathing is key, thus our choice of CRESSI regulators. Excellent 1st stage high capacity filtering with 2100 litre/min flow performance, and a 2nd stage with proven Venturi effect for effortless and efficient air flow. It will have you feeling in your natural element underwater.

ScubaMax (Shortie) Wetsuits  Rental Price: $9

One piece shorty ideal for our tropical waters, as Ambergris Caye’s mid/low 80ºF water temperatures. The 2.5mm double-lined neoprene, with flat seam construction, smooth neck seals and adjustable velcro collar offering maximum comfort during your dives.

CRESSI Masks and Snorkels

Rental Price: $5 Mask+Snorkel.  

For all facial contours.  Durable high balue mask. Liquid silicone injected double lip skirt. Dual tempered glass lenses. Easily adjusted integrated buckles. Comfortably contoured snorkels with added splash guard for a dry snorkel effect.

Mares Fins

Rental Price: $5

Frame moulded in three different materials for smooth and powerful kicking. Full footed warm water fins, of elastomers (thermo rubber) easy slip on style just like being on the beach.  Wide size assortment from kids size 1-3, up to adult size 12-13.

Package your Rental:   BCD, Regulator, Wetsuit, Mask/Fins: $25

Dive Lights   Rental Price: $15
Super intense halogen lamp shines an extremely bright spot beam for underwater exploration. Lightweight, with rubber hand grip and large rotating on/off switch with lock.

CRESSI Leonardo Dive Computer   Rental Price: $15
It is a completely modular, rugged computer with a wide UFDS display, which provides the proverbial ease of navigation and Cressi computer menus. It has complete Nitrox management, depth gauge mode, and a reset option.

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