Ambergris Diver's Dive Shop

Park Fees

Park Fees are not included in trip rates, are additional and due upon trip check-in, in cash only. Fees are per person.

  • Hol Chan/Shark Ray or Mexico Rocks: $10 Usd or $20 Bzd
  • Blue Hole/Half MoonCaye: $40 Usd or $80 Bzd

Dive Gear

Dive Gear Rentals are available, with applicable fees.


Check-ins are due by half hour (30minutes) prior to trip/course start times. Participants must provide legal names for reservations, and in-island vacation dates and contact information.


All dive trips are for certified divers only, must present Dive Certification Card (physical or digital), and complete scuba diving release forms prior to commencing any activities.

Divers not active for the past five years will be required to take a refresher course, fee applicable. Do note this is for divers’ own safety, and as instructed during certification.


All course participants must be of sound health and pass the medical assessment. Student divers must have completed required course work prior to commencing any in-water training activity.


Snorkelers must be of sound health with minimum beginner swimming and snorkeling capabilities, and all must complete snorkeling release forms prior to commencing any activities.

Bundled Activities

Any bundled offers are not valid in conjunction with other offers. Where applicable, bundled activities not consumed in totality which may qualify for a refund or credit, the bundled discount level shall become void. Where may apply with some packages, it may be prorated to lower level package. Otherwise trip/course rate reverts to “ala carte” rate – as may apply.


Any refund that may be applicable per respective term, will have a 6% processing fee.


Cancellations are due and must be acknowledged in writing by:  48/+ hrs prior to respective trip / dive course scheduled check-in date/time. Late Cancellations and No Shows are non-transferable and non-refundable.

Where Ambergris Divers only, deem a trip/course not possible: due to extreme inclement weather avoiding the safe operation of a trip/course, or due to factors beyond control – will make a call for the postponement or cancellation of such trip/course, The trip/course may then be rescheduled to fit within customers provided (per reservation terms) vacation dates. Where this is otherwise the portion paid value of that Ambergris Divers cancelled service is refundable, via this same payment mechanism the reservation was made by.

Where customer made any false declaration or assumption which shall then cause not able to consume the booked service upon check-in, this shall then cause a non-refundable cancellation.

If there be any questions needing clarification customer is responsible to contact Ambergris Divers for clarification on any portion of the service booked.