Belize Barrier Reef + Blue Hole Lighthouse Reef Dive Package

3 Days

Of all the natural wonders in the world, Belize is gifted with ultimate dive destinations which you will get to discover with this 3-Trip Dive Package!

The brilliant underwater beauty of the Caribbean is just a stone’s throw from shore, the beauty lying beneath has made Ambergris Caye Belize’s top dive destination, and a must experience within the Caribbean realm. An easy cruise from the Ambergris Divers pier takes you to multiple dive sites just beyond the reef crest, sites closely held by our local experts.

The Barrier Reef dive trips in this dive package include 2 tank dives, on which you will experience depths of 60-80 feet, starting off a 40 foot gorgonian plain into a vivid terrain of fleshy boulder and pillar coral formations, amongst waving sea fans, sea rods and impressive sponges.

Glide over the spur and groove canyon formations while watching busily scurrying fish and trying to spot the more elusive marine species.  Hanging around typically in these areas are large groupers, nurse sharks, gliding eagle rays and turtles.

With much more than a handful of great dive sites dotted along the Barrier Reef, the two days of 2tank dives will get you four great favorite dive sites!

This package is then highlighted with Belize’s Great Blue Hole and Lighthouse Reef gem!

At the center of Lighthouse Reef Atoll (a coral island encircling lagoons), is an underwater sinkhole formed at least 15 thousand years ago when the land was above sea level.  Then the ocean began to rise, flooding the caves.  Now it’s a 400 ft a 400 ft. deep blue hole in Belize and a cavern of underwater mystery. Encircling its 1,000 ft radius is a vivid living reef, this amazing structure can even be seen from outer space!

The Great Blue Hole Dive is to be enjoyed for its prehistoric nature and the grandeur of its enormous underwater stalactites.  Adding to the trill of the dive are the resident Caribbean Reef Sharks which sashay from the deep blue.

You will also explore the explosion of marine life along the walls of Half Moon Caye and Long Caye, as midnight parrot fish dart among the gentle swaying Gorgonians.

Ambergris Divers packs this trip to give you every perspective of the sites visited, from the deep caverns to the shallower ends rich with vibrant marine life.  Plus a stopover at the island of Half Moon Caye for some island time and a quaint visit to the White faced Red Footed Booby Bird Sanctuary – a special encounter with this rare specie.

This Great Blue Hole Dive is spectacular diving in Belize!

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  • Dive Certification Required.
  • Dive Gear Rentals are available for additional fee.
  • All Prices are in US Dollars


A Great 3-Trip Dive Pacakage bundle. Includes two days of diving along the Barrier Reef off Ambergris Caye, plus a full day dive adventure to Lighthouse Reef Atoll with the Blue Hole dive highlight.

Allow a minimum of 3 full days on-island to consume this package.


Check-in by: 8:15am
Departs at: 9:00am
from Ambergris Divers pier (ends ˜midday) covers 2 Barrier Reef dives.

Check-in by: 8:15am
Departs at: 9:00am
from Ambergris Divers pier (ends ˜midday) covers 2 Barrier Reef dives.

Check-in by: 5:15am
Departs at: 6:00am
from Ambergris Divers pier
Returns around: 5-5:30pm
> Travel Time: 2.5hr each way.

Note: this trip portion is scheduled 2-3 times a week, confirms with 10px minimum. May move trip up/down a day or so within your packaged days.

Price Includes

  • per diver $499USD/$998BZD.
  • per diver with dive gear rental $555USD/$1110BZD
  • 7 dives total:
  • 4 canyon dives along Ambergris Caye Barrier Reef dive sites
  • 1 deep dive at Blue Hole, it is a 130ft deep dive
  • 2 wall dives at Half-Moon Caye & Long Caye
  • regular air tanks and weights
  • Continental breakfast, Lunch, water, sodas, and other snacks/refreshments.
  • 12.5% General Sales Tax

Not Included

  • Park Fee: $40 USD per person, which is due in cash upon check in.
  • Dive Equipment: BCD, Regulator, Wetsuit, Mask/Fins: $25/set, please request & provide sizing. You may purchase the Dive Package with dive gear rentals included.
  • Additional: Pick up service from secluded properties within Ambergris Caye, for a +$ fee.
From $499.00
/ USD, per person
From $555.00
/ Diver, with Gear Rental
  • 3 Days
  • Yes
  • Advanced Open Water, Open Water (with a requirement)
  • 10
  • 65