Barrier Reef 2 Tank Dive and Hol Chan Combo Package

1 Day

Barrier Reef 2 Tank Dive

If you are looking for an adventure that is sure to leave you in awe, look no further than barrier reef scuba tank diving in Belize! Exploring the barrier reef and its countless exotic species of aquatic life is a unique experience like no other. The sea life of Hol Chan Marine Reserve is nothing short of extraordinary, with 500 species of fish, stony coral reefs, sponges, and mangroves comprising this enchanting underwater world. With crystal clear waters and plenty of local dive shops offering excellent equipment and experienced instructors, barrier reef scuba tank diving in Belize is the perfect choice for any thrill-seeking diver!

The brilliant underwater beauty of the Caribbean is just a stone’s throw from the Ambergris Divers’ pier, the beauty lying beneath has made Ambergris Caye Belize’s top dive destination.  And a must-experience within the Caribbean realm. Only a short 5-10 minute cruise to multiple dive sites just beyond the reef crest, with just perfect topography and sea conditions to accommodate novice to experienced scuba divers.

On this tour, you will experience depths of 60-80 feet, starting off a 40-foot gorgonian plain into a vivid terrain of fleshy boulder and pillar coral formations, amongst waving sea fans, sea rods, and impressive sponges.

Glide over the spur and groove canyon formations while watching busily scurrying fish and trying to spot the more elusive marine species.  Hanging around typically in these areas are large groupers, sharks, gliding eagle rays, and turtles.

The Ambergris Divers team will share with you local secrets to the most memorable dive spots around the island.  Perfect for beginners, enjoy one, two, or three full tanks on this underwater tour of Belize with surface intervals onshore.

Hol Chan Shark Ray 1tank + 1 snorkel – Marine Reserve

Off the southern tip of Ambergris Caye, Hol Chan Marine Reserve has flourished into a unique refuge, with robust coral formations and an abundance of marine life. Schools of horse-eye jack, snapper blue tangs, trigger, hog, and parrot fish to name a few as over 160 different species of fish identified at Hol Chan – a 1tank dive is enjoyed along the natural reef channel. We then hop over to Zone D of the reserve “Shark Ray Alley” for a quaintly memorable snorkel experience ushered by gentle and curious Nurse Sharks and Southern Stingrays.


  • Dive Certification Required.
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Trip 1:
9:00am~12:30pm Barrier Reef Dive Trip: 2 tank dive
Trip 2:
2:00pm~5:00pm Hol Chan Shark Ray Combination Trip: 1tank dive + 1 snorkel stop
(*Marine Park, additional $10us per person park fee is due)

all trips depart from Ambergris Divers pier

Tour Price Includes:

  • Guided Tour - This is a one-day bundle.
  • 3 dives + 1 snorkel
  • Dive portion includes regular air tanks and weights
  • Purified Drinking Water & a fresh light snack
  • 12.5% General Sales Tax
  • $145.00usd per diver (who has all personal dive gear)
  • or
  • $165.00usd per diver: to also include dive gear rentals (per: BC, Reg, w/s, Mask/Fins)

Not Included:

  • $10 US Park fee per person, due in cash on trip
  • Dive Gear Rental is available for additional fee
From $145.00
/ USD, per person
From $165.00
/ Diver, with Gear Rental
  • 1 Day
  • 10
  • 70