Snorkel into the Sunset Sailing Escapade

1 Day

Snorkel into the sunset with ambergris divers is the perfect sailing escapade. The experience is both peaceful and exhilarating. As the sun sets, the water turns a beautiful amber color. The ambergris divers are a fun and friendly group. They are always up for a good time. This is the perfect activity for anyone looking to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Snorkel into the Sunset Sailing Escapade

Watch the sunset and the moon rise off the coast of Ambergris Caye, in the gentle transition of glistening sun and it dips into natures hues.  The perfect introduction to lady moon as she then casts her charming whispers onto the waves caressing your way onboard. This late afternoon sailing escapade onboard Ambergris Divers’ luxurious catamaran with plenty of deck space to stretch out and enjoy the breathtaking view.
Hearty appetizers and vivacious tropical cocktails are all prepared onboard from the day’s freshest produce sourced from local vendors. With such delectable combinations this is the ideal start, pinnacle or grand finale to your party’s vacation.
*An Ambergris Divers Sailing Escapade Exclusive Trip!  …expertly crafted to offer you a unique, ‘available no where else’ experience
Trip Options:
>Scheduled Group Trips, at per person rates.
>Private Charters, starting rate; adjustable per larger group size.


Day 1 :