Manatee Reef & Coral Gardens Snorkeling Tour – Half Day

This amazing Snorkelling Tour is a half day of whimsical adventure along the Barrier Reef’s fore reef still within the area of Ambergris Caye. As we cruise along the reef we visit two beautiful sites.

Coral Gardens dubbed as such for being an important habitat of a concentration of Staghorn and Elkhorn coral with scatters of a variety of different stony coral species.  The site is regularly studied and regarded as an important refuge of these type of coral in the Caribbean.  Adding to its whimsy, the variety of fish specie darting within the coral florets!

The two sites are fairly in close proximity, with Manatee Reef a bit furhter southbound.

Manatee Reef lies at the edge of a natural reef channel, with rich flow of nutrients for the lushness of the environment. Large head of coral formations cause an interesting topography providing crevices for juvenile marine life to take shelter. These interesting coral mounds are scattered along the channel banks covering a large expanse of otherwise sandy bottoms, and further enhanced by the occasional swaying marine shrubbery as its caressed by the channels gentle current. Of interest is the proximity to a natural manatee habitat, thus earning the site’s nickname. As such many a times there’s the possibility of catching glimpse of these gentle creatures if they happen to be in the area, or decide to cruise in. At that, a great bonus to the variety of marine life already dancing within the thickets of coral formations.

Both sites depth lie within the fore reef “inside the reef” and at most 6-12ft depth at its various points, offering a relatively leisurely snorkel experienc

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Boat guided tour, Available twice daily, confirms outing with a 4px minimum.

It takes roughly 15 minutes from departure point, Ambergris Divers to the first site, and another 5-8minutes onto the second site. 

Tour includes site briefing for what to expect on the tour. Snipets of info on some marine life seen. 



Departs from Ambergris Divers pier
- 9:00am trip: check-in by 8:30am
- 2:00pm trip: check-in by 1:30pm

Duration: approx 2.5-3hrs

Quoted in USD. Price Includes:

  • Guided Tour
  • Snorkel gear and floatation device provided
  • Purified drinking water and fresh cut fruit provided onboard

Not Included

  • Pick-up services may be added, must request and arrange ahead of time. Respective add-on fees may apply.